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Passwords are like a key, the key to your online vault. Passwords are a major part of online security. Every site on the Internet uses passwords to identify and protect their data and their users.

But, nothing in this world is ever secure. Scammers, hackers, and cybercriminals are always looking for weaknesses and loopholes in security systems. Our password protects critical information like credit cards, financial information, and banking information.

Such crucial information needs a strong set of protection and this can only be achieved by strong passwords. Combining special characters, digits, and capital letters in our passwords is often a good thing, it increases our security as hackers would have to try more combinations to crack your passcode.

But, generating a strong password can be a hectic task. Often it is hard to remember. This password generator tool will help you just do that. You can select the length of the password and hit 'Generate' and it will create a unique password filled with small letters, capital letters, digits, and special chars. Such password is considered to be very strong and hard to crack.