CSS Minifier

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Why Minify CSS?

Web development is never an easy task. We tend to create tons of codes, CSS, JS, and resource files.

When we look at our code, we can find lots of unnecessary codes, spaces, comments, and other unnecessary data. These things come in great help when we are developing the site.

But, when our site is complete and ready to publish, those things are of no use. And as we all know, these things load every time we load our webpage which makes it a bit slower.

The load time of the page plays a great role in the SEO aspect as well as the user experience of the site. Approximately 70% of users leave your site if it doesn't load in the first 3 seconds.

One of the biggest resource files is CSS files. Minifying CSS resources can reduce the size of the webpage considerably making it load faster for better user experience.

CSS Minification also saves us a lot of bandwidth. Combine that with other resource files, you can reduce the size of your page by up to 99%.

Our CSS Minifier is free, fast, and available for unlimited requests. It is equipped with inbuilt media query support which is rarely found in any other minifiers.