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IP adress which stands for Internet Protocol is a adress assigned to each device in computer network which uses Internet Protocol for communication.

Without this address computers wouldn't know where to send the information to and you wouldn't have your social media, wheather, news, or this cool website.

There are 2 types of IP adresses, the 1st one is IPv4 and the second one is IPv6. The IPv4 defines IP adress as 32bit number. But, because of increasing number of devices and limitation of available IPv6 adress, IPv6 was introcduced.

The IPv6 defines adress as 128bit number. Using IP adress, we can assign unique adress to every available devices in the world. IPv6 was developed in 1995, and standardized as RFC 2460 in 1998. IPv6 deployment has been ongoing since the mid-2000s.

Today there are lots of devices running on IPv6. This tool will help you find the IP of any website. To find Website IP, just enter the URL and hit eneter. This website IP Checker tool lets you find the IP adresses of all websites on the world wide web.