Decompress and Unminify Your JS

Free Online JS Unminifier/Beautifier

What is JS Minification and Unminification?

JavaScript minification is the process of removing all unneccessary characters from source code without changing its functionality to optimize file requests and quicken page load times.

JavaScript unminification is the process of reorganising, reformatting, and beautifying the minified JS code to make it readable again.

Although, minifying JS files are good for SEO and page speed, but we need to change or update the code, remove the bug, or add the functionality to webpage very often. Editing the minified JavaScript files are alomost impossible and messy task.

In such case, there is no way but to unminify and reorganise you JS code. JS unminifiers unpack, beautify, and reorganised ugly JS code. Such organised code are pretty easy to edit.

It can even be helpful in organising JS code which is not minified but which is not organised properly.

Unminify your JavaScript files and make it readable again!