Compress and Minify Your JS

Free Online JS Minifier/Compressor

Why Minify JavaScript?

JS files are necessary in any type of web development. JS files are at the core of web development

There are tons of javascript libraries and modules we use while building our site. These files may increase the size of your webpage along with the the load time.

And as we know, load time plays vital role in user experiance of site. Nobody wants to surf the site which is slow loading.

One of the most heavy hitting cause of slow page speed is unorganised and unminified javascript files. These files can take a serious hit on your site speed

Minifiying such JS code can resuce the size of webpage noticibally and also makes JS debugging easier.

Our JS minifier is advanced and equipped with advance compression algorithm which provides maximum size reduction without lossing any functionality.

Minimise your JavaScript files and improve the load speed of your site!