Decompress and Unminify Your HTML

Free online HTML Decompressor/Unminifier

What is HTML Unminification?

HTML unminification is the process of reorganising, reformatting, and beautifying the minified HTML code to make it easily recognisable and editable again.

Minifying HTML is always good thing for SEO of website. Minifying resource files improve load time considerably. But, often times we need to edit the design of site, or add an element to webpage. Editing such minified code is often hard and trciky task.

In such case, unminifying and unpacking the HTML files is the only way. HTML unminifiers beautify, unpack, and reorganise compressed HTML code. Such organised code are pretty easy to recognise and edit.

It can even be helpful in organising HTML code which is not minified but is not organised properly.

Our HTML unminier tool is free, simple to use, fast, and has no limit on requests. It will unminify/deobfuscate your ugly HTML code and make it readable again.