Cached View

What is Google Cached View?

Cached view is nothing but a snapshot of what your webpage looked like when Google last time visited it. As we know, search engine spiders constatly crawls the web looking for new webpages and information. Each time Google crawlers crawls your website, it takes a snapshot of what it looks like and store it as a backup in case webpage isn't available as a part of Google's cache. You can see the cached view of your or any website by enetering the URL above and clicking Cached View.

What is Internet Archive: Wayback Machine?

The wayback machine is a digital archive of the world wide web and the Internet. The wayback machine crawls the website in instances, download the publically accessible resources and stores it on their database. Using Wayback Machine, we can see how the Internet and world wide web were used to look in the past. If you wanna look what famous websites were look like in the past, Wayback Machine will help you.


Whenever Google detects slow Internet connection, it serves the light version of webpage. The GoogleWebLight view strips all the unnecessary elemets, scripts, ads and shows only necessary elements like texts, tables, and images. To see your website's GoogleWebLight view, enter your URL and click on GoogleWebLight.